Motorized Skiffs

Our sturdy first class ocean skiffs are equipped with 8hp outboard motors and are just about the best way to enjoy the beauty of Monterey bay – and maybe catch “the big one”! Your boat will be lowered to the water equipped with an outboard motor, fuel, life vests, anchor, oars, gaff, and 1 ton of advice. You may have up to four people per boat, and the price is only $50 an hour or $175 for the day! Boats can depart as early as 6 am in the summer, and 7am fall through spring, weather permitting.

  • Boats rented from each store must stay within rental boundaries
  • Boats must be back at the wharf by 3:00pm.
  • Must be 21 years of age to rent boat.

You can make arrangements for your boat(s) a couple of ways:

  • Call ahead and make a reservation. This is usually a good idea on weekends or during holidays to be certain you’ll get a boat.
  • Take your chances and just show up and sign up at the desk. All non-reserved boats are first come first served.

Save Time – Get Your Diploma!

When you rent a skiff from us you’ll receive a mandatory 5-10 minute demonstration of engine operation and safety procedures. If you watch the “Skiff Rental University” videos and take the test, you’ll be able to speed through the demonstration and get on the water as fast as possible!!